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Our Story

Tahoe Park proud spice aficionados Cory and Diana love growing hot peppers, creating flavor profiles, saying hi at local markets,  connecting with neighbors, and being a part of the greater Sacramento community. 

We started growing peppers on our apartment porch and making hot sauce as a hobby in Curtis Park in 2020. We moved to Tahoe Park in late 2020 and our garden got an upgrade. Since we have limited space we limit our growing only to rare peppers that are not found in stores.


We are currently undergoing licensing for hot sauce, and in the meantime we have obtained a cottage food license for our spice blends and spicy cookies.

We are graduates of the Alchemist Microenterprise Academy through Alchemist Community Development Corp. We are also members of Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program.

Join us at a local event for something hot or something mild,

but always something packed with flavor.

Our Garden

More coming soon, under construction.

Around Town

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